A Master’s Wisdom

Years of experience in a subject or practice with observation and implementation will make one a master. The skills of a master are acquired through such diligent effort. Here are insights from 25 years of observation, implementation and effort to understand our physical, mental and spiritual relationship. A step towards understanding the wisdom of health.

As part of a practice to understand the process of healing I entered a holistic health program after attending a traditional university for Exercise Science. Unfortunately the modern view of exercise science was not very holistic. I felt there was so much lacking in my training and even felt cheated from a good understanding of the wisdom of health in the human body. After the year of hands on training in holistic health I realized I was in for a fantastic voyage into the human experience.

There have been over ten thousand bodies pass through my hands now over the course of 25 years. The awareness I have mastered is priceless and incomprehensible to most people.

Since 1990 when I graduated my first massage course, I began to work in the field full-time. I have not been employed by any other job outside of the healing arts in twenty five years. I have worked with every personality and nationality with an enormous range of beliefs and physical conditions while keeping notes and perceiving similarities between people. Over time, I witnessed the effects of conditions within one’s environment in reference to their pain and ability to heal. I am constantly in the presence of those who heal and those who do not.

My specialty is structural bodywork, a deep anatomical form of massage therapy. It consists of searching and releasing pain through intuitive techniques specific to the need, primarily, Myofacial Trigger Point Therapy. The process literally seeks through the landscape of the muscle/body to expose any imbalance hidden within the tissue or energetic field.

In these twenty-five years of healing bodywork, here are a few major observations in my path to the wisdom of health:

  1. Most people feel helpless in their body. They do not realize the ability to understand their own body and decide what is best for them. Instead, they will continually seek outside themselves for answers. They want someone else to decide for them. Especially if it deals with pain. Most people tend to run from pain rather than explore it or understand it.
  2. People are miraculous! Those who do accept life as a process and are responsible for it continually blow me away with their brilliance. People can come into such heightened states of awareness be it through bodywork, yoga or other energy-centered exercise. I have seen breakthroughs which are nothing short of miraculous. Those who embrace responsibility for what they have created within their lives are the ones that get better.

“Life gets better when we get better”

  1. The muscle is full of memory and vision. Every tight or painful area within the body are usually unresolved issues – be it superficial pain or deep emotional trauma. If a patient can resolve or begin to feel good about the trauma/memory, then the pain will be reduced. With every thought, there is a corresponding tension in the body.

Prolonged thought = Prolonged tension = Chronic tension

  1. Letting go is one of the scariest things for people to experience. Letting go is a process of journeying into the unknown. If we cannot categorize, analyze and moralize everything, most get frightened. Letting go means to have faith in knowing we are always abundant, safe and loved. This is something we have slowly deteriorated in our lives and yet one of the most magical things imaginable if we just believe!!!

Let go = Allow forward movement

People who feel safe and excited about life are the healthiest.
Here are basic messages which Sages through the ages have shared: Happiness makes you healthy. Laughter is medicine. The body will tell you what it needs when it needs it. Love is the purest form of existence. Water keeps you alive. Food forms your body. Breath provides your energy. Live with passion and you will truly live.
 Stretching is the best way to keep your body free!
 Listen to the message of Bashar concerning the process of “Living for your Highest excitement.”
  A Beautiful Video About Transformation.  The wisdom of eagles.

Finally Getting It!

  I was visiting with an elderly friend who was a bit disturbed by her own “lack of understanding” for so many years.  ” I have just started to learn the things about life young kids already know, she said.” “Why did it take me so long?”
I reminded her she has not become aware later than anyone else. We are all learning at the same time. Its just that some are older and some are young at the same time. We learn about life collectively. Our consciousness grows collectively.
Many people I’ve spoken with lately all feel that our path is changing. The age of transparency is bringing many hidden truths to the forefront. We are beginning to know what our true potential is as humans. It’s becoming an amazing eye-opening experience. We are learning so much, so quickly.
Those on the forefront of awareness are those who were once called freaks. The ones meditating,  eating raw food, sitting under pyramids, chanting, practicing breath techniques, building sustainable homes etc. This tribe of people has a head start on the understanding of vibratory effects of our daily practices upon the earth, our health and happiness. However, everyone now is in growing in consciousness and we are all beginning to “get it.” 

What we are discovering is the truth. Spending less time on the truth about government cover-ups or control but the truth about our human potential. We are learning about the truth of a sustainable existence with natural abundance for all, without the need to work for food or shelter. We realize everything IS effected by another on the smallest most subtle levels.

 “Everything counts in large amounts”  ~Depeche Mode 1983



 “We do not see the world the way it is. We see it the way we are.”

Much Love….. Douglas


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