Rescued Children.

Yoga teaches us to identify how our life works.

 Through the system of yoga we learn what works and doesn’t work for our body, our families and our community. Yet, our consciousness of helping animals has not yet carried over into our care for children. Instead we continue to breed as wild goats hindering the method for a conscious community of people caring for child welfare.

It’s a wonderful event that we have begun to lift the vale of illusion around certain substances and behaviors that have been deemed bad or morally wrong for humanity.  We have opened ourselves to the wisdom of mother earth and have begun to treat animals with respect. More people are becoming vegetarian/vegan and have refrained from the behavior of supporting puppy mills or breeding animals for  specific look or behavior.

Animal rescue services and homes have become a standard practice in all our cities. Adopting a rescue dog is a popular and helpful thing to do.

But what about our children?? What about helping our fellow species, to uplift and support our core existence? What about child welfare? We all agree about the issues we face, but very few become conscious enough to actually realize where the power lies in making a shift. Here is the perfect discussion by comedian Doug Stanpope.

When we resided on Maui we worked with tourists from all over the world. It was interesting and profound that everyone said the same thing and carried the same illusion. People from small quaint towns and medium sized cities all said the same thing: “Oh it’s getting so busy. So many people are moving here. Our quaint little town is being overrun by people from….” (California being the top state to blame).

The illusion is that people are moving FROM somewhere to overpopulate their little city.  I had a big laugh in Hawaii where the locals produce hate for white people moving there yet are okay with having five or six kids and letting them move to the mainland for a better education and jobs.

People are not moving FROM anywhere!

 We’ve been proliferating like a wild virus consuming all in our path. We rescue dogs but run off to the hospital to have that special little breed of our own as if our little special breed of child will become the Messiah or the brilliant inventor to solve the worlds problems.

Chances are you’re just contributing to the biggest problem on our planet and paying a dear price for it via, vaccines, pollution, education etc. We have yet to see child welfare as a global community the way we do protecting animals and preventing domesticated animals from overpopulating.

overpopulation is not real?

Why do we think we are so special and/or feel so empty at the same time, that a “child of my own” will solve the space of “what to do with myself.”

There are millions of children who will be more than happy to call you mommy or daddy and appreciate and love the home you give them, or not, but its not that behavior that a conscious being looks for. It’s the ability to support the children that we have created from a previous low vibratory consciousness that will bring us to a place of well-being and freedom.

A beautiful family supporting global child welfare practices.

When Seven billion people begin having babies, it becomes 14 billion real quick. Have you ever raised chickens, goats or rabbits?  Start with two and in a year you can have 20-100 before any die off from natural causes. A year later you may have 50-400. We just don’t die off at the same rate of birthing.

Human Chickens

I hear the main reason as, “I wont feel complete unless I have a child of my own.” Isn’t this the most common illusion in life? Mystics and gurus throughout the ages of mankind have said the same thing. There is no “thing” you have to do to find happiness.

Babies are not the cure for feeling incomplete and does nothing for child welfare

Yet humans in their pre-historic, reptilian mind thinks it is their purpose. The higher mind of prosperity and global community and child welfare eludes them. The shift of emotional evolution is necessary. Besides most people have kids because they have no idea how they will stay motivated or feel alive being alone with their one-and-only spouse.

Discovering the power of love for your partner

Feel complete. Try yoga to discover inner peace. Here’s a word for a new earth, Love.

Let’s focus on the highest vision for this planet and our own life. Let’s make decisions based on global harmony and self love. Let’s treat our children with as least as much attention as our dogs.

Rescue dogs but trash children?  Not on my earth.

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