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Online Yoga Classes Now Happening!

My new online yoga classes are now LIVE! Join in on a great class of deep breathing, deep movements and deep inspiration.

After years of travel I have finally committed to a weekly schedule for live online yoga classes. Teaching is my passion and being real with our process and potential is something I like to bring forth in my teaching.

These online yoga classes are only about 1 hour and 15. They go by fast because I bring you deep into a meditative state. Out of the hundreds of yoga postures available we focus on basic foundation poses that bring monumental results. Each class may only focus on about five or six postures starting with a good 10-15 minutes of breathing.

These online yoga classes are perfect for beginners and intermediate practitioners. Advanced practitioners will also have a good time restructuring their foundations.

For a great time, log into my class here.    Classes are free for the first month. Then only about $1.30 per class after that.  It’s a great way to be connected yet have your personal space to practice. Get strong and get deep. 

 As we grow I invite guest yoga teachers to join us.

Your monthly subscription will also include special event classes.

Please check out my introduction video HERE.

Join us this Thursday for a FREE class. 7 PM PDT.