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Tips on Using Affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to transform our lives. However, there is a little nuance in using affirmations that runs very deep, as deep as life itself and makes the difference between allowing affirmations to take hold or having them pass through us like background noise.

People usually use affirmations when life is attracting situations that are not in-line with the life we wish to create. The experienced mindworker uses them to keep the flow of positive attractions coming.

What we have learned about our psychological programming is that our subconscious, the part of us that drives our beliefs and actions is embedded in a program that cannot be accessed through our conscious mind.

The program that runs our being is hard-wired and takes re-construction in order to change its behaviors. It is a serious situation that requires focused attention. It’s like healing an injury only we are healing the entire mechanism that controls our life.

Attempting to use the conscious mind by reading and listening to affirmations does nothing in itself to re-wire our system. We can read something and “understand” it, but in itself won’t change behavior.

I have worked with hundreds of people who listen to affirmations and speak positive statements, then in a moment become very dark in their actions and words.

When life presents an event that pushes our buttons or challenges our beliefs, it is the action we carry or the thoughts we create at that moment which shows us how our system is hard-wired. I know people who speak very light until someone cuts them off in traffic.

That split moment of anger or aggression is the hard-wired system. It can be very subtle, and our ego protects the system at any cost. If a friend or loved one hits one of those sensitive buttons of our hardwired system, there can be a fight. The ego doesn’t know what to do when our beliefs and the hard-wired system is vulnerable.

Here is an example: My dad was a strong fighter. He knew how to take someone down with one punch and not waste time. Some of his ways became part of my programming in my life. At one point in time, I was frustrated, working for people who didn’t have half the knowledge or intelligence as I being arrogant and disrespectful. If someone did something to manipulate or disrespect me, I would run my mind through all the ways I might get them back or knock them out before they have a chance to follow through. These automatic thoughts only disrupted my life further by focusing on injustice and therefore attracting more injustice to my life. This went on for a while until I caught it like a wild banshee and transformed its purpose. (It helps to find a purpose for outdated behaviors).

Re-wiring our subconscious is an energetic system. The system requires a specific protocol to re-wire. It’s like rebuilding your body or learning a new language. The energetic system is re-wired through periods of time spent in new patterns of recognition. This is where affirmations assist as a tool for re-wiring our pattern recognition.

Quantum physics and the science of consciousness shows that changing patterns of behavior is done when we are away from the conscious mind. Like hypnosis, we have to put ourselves in a state where we are in-between consciousness and unconsciousness. This state of being is usually accessed in that place just before we fall asleep called Theta. That is why programming your mind while falling asleep or a quiet meditative mind is crucial for reprogramming. Make a statement of intent before you begin. Say ” I intend to have these affirmations reprogram my subconscious mind to change old unwanted patterns within my subconscious mind and replace them with new beliefs,” is a good starting point.

Changing behaviors requires commitment, dedication and a belief that you can become a new person in this life. Without a belief, affirmations become background noise.

Are you ready? Now that we have an understanding of how to create the working environment for reprogramming, here are some tips.

Find a recording of affirmations that represent how you wish to reprogram your life. especially when it comes to prosperity. Don’t just use affirmations that say, “I want more money” or “more money is coming to me.” Instead, find affirmations that represent your beliefs about prosperity. Take time to research and comprehend the affirmations you are going to use.

Here are several affirmation videos I use. Some I use before bed and others during the day in a state of quiet mind comprehension.

To assist in the literal mutation of your mind, find two or three affirmations that would make a difference in your daily life. Affirmations that are contrasting to behaviors you wish to dissolve.

In my life, it began by discovering those times when my subconscious was taking over and behaving badly. If I was running my mind through all the ways this or that person was acting ignorant or hurtful I would catch it. (this takes time to recognize because the subconscious likes to act without being noticed!) Then I would say something like …..

“This is a make-believe scenario and this person’s behavior is only information to understand contrast. I use this information to recognize what I like and do not like and now call forth the people who are honest, inspirational, uplifting and generous.”

“I now attract the associates and work environment that is supportive, healthy, inspiring and generous.”

After a while, I realized how often my subconscious would go astray! I literally speak allowed, telling my subconscious mind STOP! After the recognition of the poorly programmed subconscious behavior, I would use an affirmation. In doing so, I catch the behavior quicker and quicker and slowly begin to dissolve it completely, therefore, shifting my behaviors and my beliefs about people and certain actions they present.

Be sure to listen or read the words of Florence Scovel Shinn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGIWjuoMPUs

Halleluja! real change in our existence begins! Allow your existence to become your affirmations. Practice every day.