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Yoga came into my life naturally through a dedicated desire to understand the experience of being human. Yoga provides great insight into this and since a child, I was in wonder about our human potential and ability. Here’s a short insight to my process of becoming.

 From childhood, growing up in sunny California, I filled my life with adventure.  The spirit of physical challenge, strength, vision, and injury is where I began my career as a healing practitioner.

Early in my journey, yoga became the driving force for my intuitive growth and personal healing. At 25 years old I was waking up in pain. Sitting or lying on the floor for any period of time was painful. Fifteen years of racing motorcycles and several accidents took a toll on the freedom of my body.

Today I have not an ache in my body. My joints don’t hurt. I can flex my body in miraculous ways. I have an efficient digestive and elimination system and my energy levels are consistent and strong.

My first yoga experience was with a very special Bikram teacher.   During that exhausting experience, it was clear that I was on to something.  In the coming weeks, I awakened to the realization of my body’s needs. Yoga was going to be an intricate part of my life for years to come.

I began participating in regular yoga classes and studying the classic text of yoga. This fits well with my formal education in Exercise Science and helped support my job teaching at a local massage college.  Later I began sharing yoga with my students as a way to strengthen my teaching and share the experience of the practice. After several years of this, I attended a yoga certification course at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. I obtained my formal training and continued to attend yoga retreats and workshops with those I felt were truly in touch with yoga wisdom.

I practiced for many years before teaching to the public. Though I had strong teaching skills, I wanted to season my understanding of yoga, its wisdom, history, and traditions.

Today after 18 years of teaching I  still enjoy every moment of my yoga experience. My love and I create classes in yoga, asana, meditation, breathing, partner therapy,, and Reiki.

I am happy to share with those seeking interest in this practice. Contact me anytime for more insights and guest teacher opportunities.


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