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Douglas King has a powerful background in transformative technologies. Since a child he was fascinated in the power of the human spirit. He realized if one person could heal themselves, if one person could be rich, if one person could break athletic records, then we all could. This fascination led him to study and pursue all the avenues related to these topics. He studied the great texts and writings and spiritual books from all the great masters from early on in yoga to the modern motivational convention leaders. He went on to school studying both the healing arts and exercise physiology to understand the body even more. His specialties became structural therapies, yoga and Hypnotherapy. This led him to a fantastic career. Thousands of bodies have been helped to experience all manner of transformations. He also put into practice what he believed in his career racing motorcycles, traveling the world, overcoming serious liver disease and learning the unknown. His yoga career grew and his power as a teacher grew. He’s been able to help people throughout the world as he travels. Now he brings that great wisdom to you in his powerful audio meditations. Enjoy the works of YogaDoug

  1. Healing Affirmations with Theta Waves: Discover powerful feelings of health with  28 minutes of audio affirmations. Created to ignite inner healing, these affirmations relax the body and affirm inner strength.
    Enjoy the words and voice of YogaDoug, master healer and teacher.

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